Choosing Good Led Bathroom Lighting Fixture

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5 Foot Bathroom Light Led

Led bathroom lighting fixture – Choosing a good bathroom lighting is essential. Both for the decorative aspect but also for more visual comfort. Sometimes not very luminous or deprived of window, the bathroom is a room which needs a careful lighting not to be neglected. However, selecting the right model is not easy, given the many products on the market. Bathroom wall light, bathroom ceiling lights, bathroom lights … Here are our tips to help you with your purchases!

The bathroom spotlight is recessed lighting or well fixed on rail. It can be placed on the ceiling, on your walls or above a piece of furniture. In sum, this type of bathroom lighting can find its place (almost) everywhere. It comes in several versions: fixed, orient able, square, round, bathroom enamel, recessed … It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

Different from the bathroom wall lamp, this lighting is horizontal and consists of a fluorescent tube (or, for the latest models, a series of LEDs). It is usually installed above your mirror or washbasin. This is the bathroom lighting ideal for a makeover! Convenient, the strips are often equipped with their own switch and, as for the bathroom spot, some models have a 230 V socket.

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